Kevin Liao

Hi there.

Photo of Kevin I’m an incoming HackNY ‘18 Fellow currently matching with NYC-based startups. I will graduate in May from Haverford College with a major Computer Science and a minor in Linguistics. You can find my resumé here. My senior thesis is centered around working with dependently typed programming languages. For my first semester, I did a literature review of practical applications of dependent types in Idris. This semester, I’m focused on implementing a vote-counter for first-past-the-post IRV systems in a dependently-typed language. My advisor is Professor Richard Eisenberg at Bryn Mawr College.

Outside of class, I sing a cappella in Chaverim, I play rugby for the Haverford Angry Young Newts, and I do work to unify Haverford’s Asian/Asian American community with the Pan-Asian Resource Center.

I was an intern on Facebook’s Site Integrity team. They do good work helping Facebook fight spam and malware on its platform. I worked on Sigma, one of the world’s largest Haskell codebases. You can read more about Sigma here. Before Facebook, I’ve also worked with tenten, a design/ux agency in Taiwan. If you’re looking for folks fluent in Chinese who can build you delightful and beautiful websites, you should talk to them.