Hi there.

I’m a senior software engineer working at Token Transit helping build the future of paying for public transit from Atlanta to Kalamazoo.

I was a software engineer at Facebook working on the Misinformation Transparency team. Our goal is to remove, reduce and inform the spread of misinformation on Facebook leading up to the 2020 elections. I was also a Privacy Incident Manager Oncall. This is a part-time role where I supported teams driving resolutions to privacy incidents at Facebook.

Before working on Misinformation, I worked in the Privacy Products space, giving people the right to control their online presence. I worked on two projects: Off-Facebook Activity and Manage Activity.

I’ve also interned on the Site Integrity team, building systems that fight spam with Haskell. You can read more about that here.

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In the past, I’ve volunteered for the Nevada State Democrats, been a hackNY Fellow, and a student at Haverford College.